Medical Cosmetic cover the areas of Bristol, Cheltenham and the Midlands our main clinic locations are:
Bute House, Bridge Road, Frampton on Severn, Gloucestershire, GL2 7HA and Groundwell Farmhouse, Woodcutters Mews, Swindon, Wiltshire, SN25 4AU

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Latest Newsletters

04/04/2017 PRX-T33
A new treatment that is without discomfort or recovery time that will tighten skin in order to reduce wrinkles, sagging and jowls. It will improve luminosity of skin, reducing pigmentation. No peeling or redness is incurred. The ingredients are TCA trichloroacetic acid 33%, hydrogen peroxide and Kojic acid.
14/02/2017 PLEXR
A non- surgical way of tightening the tissues on the face and body and removal skin cysts and moles
07/04/2016 The Delicate Eye Area
A variety of treatments to the eye area are listed
23/03/2016 Non surgical Blepharoplasty with Plexr
This treatment offers a no knife alternative to surgical blepharoplasty
14/03/2016 Liquid Facelift
This is a description of how the older, ageing, sagging face can be contoured and refreshed by the use of a small amount of Juvedern filler to give a discernible but natural uplift

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