Fed Up Of Always Looking Tired?

Sun 02 Dec 2018

Fed Up Of Always Looking Tired?

At this time of year, we’re all running around , organising Christmas, partying till late and upsetting our normal sleeping pattern. Temporary shadows and lines from dehydration can be dealt with by clever makeup.

The real ‘tired eyes’ are the ones that stick around – eye bags, tear troughs, and permanent dark circle – and can develop through genetic predisposition and thinning skin. The eye area has been traditionally a very sensitive area to treat because of how thin the skin is and, more importantly, what lies beneath it, but how can you treat tired eyes?

Let’s discover tear trough treatment!

Why do dark circles appear?

Dark circles appear when the skin under the eyes thins and deteriorates with age. The skin here is actually far thinner than anywhere else on your body, causing it to rest slightly on the bones beneath. The skin ‘hugging’ these bones creates these hollows, but the darkness is caused underlying facial muscles and blood vessels. Because the skin is so thin here, it is shaded dark because of how close proximity it is to these hidden structures. If concealing makeup, eye creams, and even cucumber slices aren’t working, it might be time for you to try out tired eyes treatments…

How do I perform tear trough treatments?

Under-eye bags that have everything to do with your facial anatomy and nothing to do with your sleeping pattern can be treated with my advanced tired eyes treatments. Targeted injections of dermal fillers are placed carefully in the tear trough to brighten and widen your eyes. The dermal filler sits beneath the skin to add volume to these areas, creating more plumping substance between the dark muscles and the skin’s surface. This will not only appear how much of the dark colour is visible, but it will also ‘fill’ out the hollow that is causing your eyes to appear sunken.

Putting something between these two barriers will inevitably lessen the dark appearance of the troughs, helping your eyes appear brighter and more open.

Are dermal fillers safe for tear trough treatment?

Dermal fillers are a temporary injectable treatment that closely mimic a natural bodily sugar known as hyaluronic acid. This substance is used in your skin and tissue to create volume, laxity, and hydration, which is why many reputable dermal fillers strive to replicate it. It’s entirely safe to use for aesthetic treatments, but only an advanced injector may perform tear trough rejuvenation. This is an advanced and delicate treatment, which should use the cannula technique, so an experienced practitioner counts.

Other treatments to reawaken tired eyes

Expressive areas of the face often create fine lines and wrinkles when animated, caused by over-active muscles and the thinning skin that tops them. These fine lines, or crow’s feet, prematurely age us and make our eyes appear more tired and aged than they otherwise are. Softening these fine lines is achieved with anti-wrinkle injections using Botox. By injecting into the over-expressive muscles, we stop them contracting as aggressively and therefore lessen their ability to crinkle the skin above them. The same medical toxin can also correct a drooping eyebrow, helping to elevate a downwards curve that softens expression and causes an aged appearance.

Tired eyes should only be a reality if you’ve gone to bed late or were awakened too early, and nowhere else in between! If you’re experiencing the signs of ageing around your eyes, my  tear trough treatment and eye rejuvenation might be particularly effective for you.

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